How to Keep Your Pre Rolls Fresh
Consuming Cannabis - Feb 19, 2019

How to Keep Your Pre Rolls Fresh

Whether you roll your own or buy pre-rolled joints from the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), there’s a common need to keep them at home or on-the-go.

Just like you do with dried flower cannabis, it’s important to take the same measures to protect your pre-rolled joints. This means keeping them in an airtight container and protecting them from physical damage (bending or breaking).

Joints should also be kept out of the light and away from moisture. Just like cannabis buds, joints will dry out if left in the open air and become susceptible to mould if there is moisture present. They will also eventually begin to lose their taste, smell and potency.

It’s easy to keep dried flower in a glass jar or special container, but joints can be a bit more difficult and cumbersome, especially if you’re taking them on the go with you. For maximum freshness and protection, you need to keep your pre-rolls in a proper ‘air-tight’ container that protects them from moisture, light, and accidental damage.

What Happens When a Joint Goes Stale?

You rolled up a nice joint and forgot about it. You found it a month later in a drawer or in a jacket pocket and now you’re wondering if you should smoke it. In 99% of cases, go ahead and light it up as the worst you’ll find is that the joint burns faster, doesn’t taste as good, and maybe hits a bit harsher because the cannabis inside has dried out. Potency should still be there because it takes many months for weed to begin losing its punch.

What you do want to watch out for is any sort of mould on your joint (or weed). To be safe, if you suspect a joint may have been sitting in a moisture-rich environment or has become contaminated some other way, you shouldn’t smoke it.

How to Keep Your Pre-Rolled Joints Fresh

Provided the cannabis used to roll the joint was properly dried and cured, a correctly stored joint can last a long time. The important aspect here is ‘correctly stored’ because leaving your pre-rolls on the desk, in a drawer, or in your pocket is definitely NOT protecting them from harm.

As covered in this article, cannabis should ideally be stored in moderate temperatures, out of sunlight and in an environment with a relative humidity (RH) of between 59 – 63%. This is as true for joints as it is for dried flower, but pre-rolled joints are often consumed much quicker than your stash of buds. This may mean that things like moisture won’t play as big a role and you’re going to be more concerned with air tightness, smell control and damage protection.

To this end there are a number of items that can help:

Doob Tube

A doob tube is a long cylindrical container, usually made from some type of plastic that provides an airtight and smell proof seal while keeping your joint(s) safe from accidental damage. Doob tubes are highly portable and reusable containers that fit into your pocket, purse or wherever else. They are also often used to keep a roach or joint after it has been put out for later smoking. Their airtightness will help keep the strong odour of the roach at bay and your clothing fresh(er).

Doob tubes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, able to accommodate a wide range of joint styles.

Glass Mason Jar

Mason jars are usually used to store dried flower buds, not joints, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be repurposed to do the job beautifully. In fact, a glass jar could be perfect for at home use or when a larger number of pre-rolled joints need to be stored. 

Glass jars may also offer space to add a moisture pack for longer-term storage, like for your main stash of pre-rolls from the OCS. Just make sure that whatever jar you’re using provides an airtight seal and you’re good to go.

There are also lots of jar-style containers that are specifically made to store weed/dried flower or joints. You can find some right here in our Cannabis Accessories store, including the Indiva Re:Stash Jar or the Maitri Karuna Jar

Cigar Tubes

A used cigar tube can be an effective storage container for your pre-rolled joint. Similar to a doob tube, most cigar tubes provide an airtight seal to protect joints from moisture and damage. They are often also large enough to fit several joints inside, which can be an advantage. Your joint might end up smelling a bit like cigar though. 

Ziploc Bags

A Ziploc bag is often readily available but is far from ideal for storing joints. While they are airtight and will protect from moisture, Ziploc bags do little to protect your joints from accidental damage or breakage. 

Our accessories store sells Indiva Abscent Protector Bags, which we recommend over a Ziploc bag, but still don’t deem the ideal way to protect pre-rolled joints specifically.

Tips For Putting Out a Joint

If, for whatever reason, you choose to interrupt your session before the joint is finished, there’s a couple of tricks you can use to extinguish it properly.

  • One good method is to just let the joint go out on its own. This means letting it rest in an ashtray or holding it in your fingers until it has extinguished.
  • Another option is to slowly apply pressure to the lit end (vertically- downwards) to suffocate the embers. Take care not to push too hard and end up bending or squeezing the rest of the joint.
  • Some smokers also prefer to knock the cherry (embers) off the lit tip using a sharp edge or their fingernail.  Lightly grinding the lit tip off also works well.
  • Special joint extinguishers designed to be used in your ashtray are available and are basically a cube with a joint sized hole in it.  These rest in your ashtray and suffocate the joint when you put the lit end inside the cube.

There’s a bunch of other ways to extinguish your joint as well, some better than others, but no matter which you choose – make sure the joint is out before you put it back in your container.

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